Testimonials and Reviews


Testimonials and Reviews

What our Customers have to say?

Friendly staff who were genuinely concern about customer’s well-being and very pleasant environment. Bo Jin eye treatment made me felt really refreshed on the first experience. Definitely recommended!

-Wong Siying

It was embarrassing that my back was covered with stubborn pimples that just kept coming back. They say mild soaps and exfoliating body scrub are good for back acne treatment, somehow it didn’t work for me. My good friend recommended the diamond peel back treatment therapy from Supreme Q.X. Spa. In just one treatment, my pimples started to vanish and my skin became smooth.

Now I do it for maintenance. My advice is to seek professional help before it becomes worst.

-Lydia, 25

Their massage is different from other salon that I have tried.

Their massage strokes are firm and they used the Bo Jin to glide at my stiff shoulders. After the session was kind of painful as it’s been a long time since I have a massage. However, after a few days, my body felt lighter and more refreshed.

I also bought a trial Facial from them to try and I’m impressed with their service. My beautician Ivy was sincere in treating my face(as I have a recent outbreak).

My previous experiences with other salon was that they just try to sell you their packages, their beautician always change, the way they do you face is just following procedure/steps they learned instead of focusing on your problematic areas.

However, at Supreme, is otherwise.
I’m on my second facial with them and have started using their bSoul products. My outbreaks have subsided around 50% and is less sensitive now.
Im so looking forward to my next facial session!

-Huang Ling Hui

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