Our Brand Story


Our Brand Story

How We Started

Our founder Dato Icemichelle Chen used to suffer from extremely sensitive skin herself. However, she was unable to find a cure for it, hence, she quit her work back then to study and join the beauty and skincare industry. Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa Pte Ltd was thus founded in 1999 with the clear objectives to make people beautiful, not just externally, but also internally – by improving their health.

Our Founder

Dato Icemichelle personally picks and trains her team of professional therapists. Giving regular guidance to her staff on meridian tissue manipulation (MTM) techniques, she emphasises the importance of providing accurate and professional advice to clients. She highlights that “A service will only be elevated to a quality service when it is done with sincerity and attentiveness”.

Her clients include many three-generational families, a testament to the trust her clients have in her services.

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Our Team

Our therapists, health and beauty advisors all undergo strict and regular training to equip them with the skills and knowledge. To provide clients with professional advice based on both science and knowledge of MTM. We ensure quality with regular trainings to constantly hone their skillset.

Our Specialist

Nicole Tang

General Manager

Attentive and amiable, Nicole leads our team of beauty experts to provide an excellent experience in Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa. With more than 10 years of managerial experience, she understands not just customers’ needs and wants, but also beauty experts’ strengths and weaknesses.

She provides critical feedback and guidance for improvement to help them serve you better. She is well equipped with the knowledge of MTM through our intensive training. Customers have always praised Nicole for her strong knowledge and attentiveness to ensure that their beauty programs are well tailored to their needs. With Nicole leading our beauty experts, you need not worry about results – just relax and have your trust in us.

Alice Zhong

Senior Beauty Trainer

Alice started her career with TCM in China and has more than 13 years of work experience with a strong breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in beauty, health and wellness. She has worked with internationally renowned brands like Lancôme and obtained Lancôme’s Internation- al Diploma in Spa.

Alice is our in-house trainer who is well versed in MTM methodology and has rich experience with all types of skin and our body’s physiological problems. Her meticulousness and a keen eye for details have earned our customer’s appraisal and acknowledgment of her expertise. Her eagerness to share and help others to grow has also earned her colleagues respect.