What is Lift Activation?

Lift Activation uses high-intensity ultrasound to
achieve the following results:

Boost Collagen Production, Firms & Lifts Vshape, Reduce Double Chin, Contours Cheeks and Tightens Skin

The Lift Activation machine provides a sonic lift, using high-intensity ultrasound that focuses on skin dermis layer (1.5mm-3mm) , and the SMAS fascia layer (4.5mm). The radio frequency produces tens of thousands of focused condensation points in the fascia layer, tightening the subcutaneous fascia layer & boost collagen production. This enables the skin to achieve immediate firmness and lifting, leaving no downtime, irritation or sensitivity.

Why Supreme Q.X.
Lift Activation?

If the facial skin is compared to a house, the fascia layer is the foundation that supports the house. It serves as the pillar and foundation to support the facial contour. The best way to improve the facial contour and resist aging is to tighten the subcutaneous fascia layer. Instead of surgery, only focused ultrasound can be done.

With every treatment at Supreme Q.X, the subcutaneous fascia layer is tightened, allowing the skin to produce a large amount of collagen, forming a firm collagen fiber network thus smoothing wrinkles & lifting facial contours. Essentially, allowing the skin to achieve immediate firmness and lifting.

Our Lift Activation Treatment

Lift Activation Facial Treatment (90mins)
U.P. $498

Our Lift Activation treatment uses radio frequency therapy to lift and tighten your skin. The radio frequency waves penetrates into the layers of your skin with no pain, no sensitivity or side effects. It stimulates collagen production thus aids in reducing fine line and wrinkles, and overall tightening and lifting of the face.

Before & After 1 Session

Lift Activation Eye Treatment (60mins)
U.P. $199

Reveals a brighter and youthful looking eyes with our Lift Activation in just one session. With radio frequency therapy, it lifts and tightens your skin targeting concerns such as sagging skin, puffy eyes, droopy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles. . It will instantly help to boost collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This will give an overall tightening and lifting of your eye area.

Before & After 1 Session

Sculpt & Shape Body Treatment
U.P. $980

The Shape & Sculpt machine focuses high-energy ultrasonic waves directly to the subcutaneous fat layer. It penetrates without harming the skin, and directly transmits to the deep fat layer . It increases the temperature of the focal adipose tissue to dissolve fat. After dissolving, the fat cells then release triglycerides, which are excreted from the body through lymphatic circulation and metabolism.

At the same time, the heat can shrink collagen & tighten the skin for an immediate slimming effect.

Before & After 1 Session

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