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Energy & Benefits of Jadeite

Jadeite naturally emit far infrared and negative ions.

It has the ability to release healing properties bring about several benefits to the body.

Twin Energy Jadeite Bojin Treatment

It is the latest innovation to our Signature Bojin Series.

A meticulously crafted treatment with new Supreme Q.X. Bojin techniques, we draw the energy of certified grade A Jadeite to enhance the health and improve the skin complexion. Experience tranquility and see restoration of your urban stressed skin with the dual energy:

Targets the meridian and lymphatic channels –

  • Thermal Jadeite: Stimulate metabolism and detoxification of cells, reduce fatigue, circulation, chronic stress,
  • Cold Jadeite: Reduce puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, laugh line, firming, brightening (whitening),  and restore radiance from within.


  • 1. Skin analysis and advice
  • 2. Thorough Cleanse, extraction
  • 3. Deep hydration and nourishment
  • 4. Jadeite Bojin Start Up Massage
  • 5. Supreme Q.X. Jadeite Bojin: with Thermal Jadeite & Cold Jadeite (Targeted area of focus based on analysis).
  • 6. Deep Tissue Head/Shoulder Massage
  • 7. Thermal Care with Mineral Sea Salt and Herbs

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