Our Brow Craft Process

You have your own unique personality  and so should your brows!

Through our professional assessment of your facial features and your style, let our Lash Professional design a pair of brows for you.

Our Lash Professional will provide a visualisation how your brows will be shaped:

  1. Brow Design & Consultation
  2. Numbing
  3. Brow Craft

FAQ & After Care

How long does it last?
It depends on your skin type. After the 1st touch up it can last 2-3 years.

Is it painful?
Numbing cream will be applied before and during the session – hence it is painless for most people.

Will it turn green?
No, we only use organic pigments that fades into shades of brown/grey depending on your colour used.

What is the aftercare?
It is highly recommended that you use our Eyebrow Repair serum which contains vitamin A and D to retain colour and for hydration.

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