Bojin Trial Promotion

Uses TCM philosophy and our Signature Craft from Taiwan.
Targets the Kidney & Liver Meridian Points for long lasting results.

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P r o c e s s

​1. Lifestyle & Skin Analysis​

2. Deep cleansing

3. Skin ‘Warm Up’
Inhale our secret aroma mix, followed by our Multi-Meridian Point massage to bring the ‘qi’ around the head area. This prepares the skin for ‘bojin’. This effectively elevates the results of ‘Bojin’ and absorption of products.

4. Signature Face Bojin/ Eye Bojin

5. Mask Application

(Different options available based on skin type)
*Full Nourish Care Facial Option include extraction &
special treatment set from Spain (additional concentrate booster & mask)


–  With 19 years of establishment, we are the leading spa for Bojin therapy.

– We are constantly innovating better treatments and setting the trends in the industry.

–  Professionals with certification in Bojin and MTM.

–  Beauty problems cannot be done just on the skin surface level but from within.

–  Results show after just 1 session.

Benefits of Our Trademark Bojin Treatments

Eye Bojin: Dark Eye Circle, Eye bags, swollen and puffy eyes.

Face Bojin: Sharpen jawlines. Reduces laugh lines, wrinkles & improve skin health to reduce pigmentation, oil/dry skin, ageing signs.


Blk 513 Bishan St 13
Singapore 570513
(opposite CPF Board Building)

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:
11am – 8.30pm
Weekends and Public Holidays:
10.30am – 7pm

Tel: +65 6358 3029
Hp: +65 8726 0090 (SMS for enquiries)


9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210
(Beside Shaw House)

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday:
11.30am – 9pm
Weekends and Public Holidays:
11am – 7pm

Tel: +65 6736 1617
Hp: +65 8726 0076 (SMS for enquiries)