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Signature Slimming & KETO Essentials

$198 u.p. $578

Guaranteed 2KG in 8 Days.

KETO Essentials 8 Days Programme.
Supreme Signature Bojin Detox Slimming Trt 60 mins.

Signature Slimming & Body Analysis

$79 u.p. $198

Supreme Signature Bojin Detox Slimming TR 60 mins.
Personal Body Analysis Report 30 mins.

Body Massage & Signature Slimming

$79 u.p. $396

Meridian Harmony Massage 60 mins
Supreme Signature Bojin Detox Slimming 30 mins

Supreme Jadeite Signature Facial

$79 u.p. $598

Supreme Twin Energy Jadeite Face Trt 75 mins


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*Participants must be aged 21 and above. Participants must not be existing customers of Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa.

KetoEssentials® 8 Day Program


KetoEssentials® assures a worry free diet that does not disrupt your daily routine!

KetoEssentials® is not a meal-replacement. In fact, you may enjoy up to 6 meals a day according to our Corrective Diet Regime. You can enjoy delicacies while being on KetoEssentials® Programme including steak, sashimi and local delights like Hainanese chicken! Slimming has never been easier.

Food Allowed

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Mutton
  • Pork
  • Seafood
  • Fish
  • Sashimi

Food To Avoid

  • Vegetables
  • Wine
  • Cake
  • Coffee
  • French Fries
  • Bread
  • Fruit Juice
*Beware of hidden sugar & carbs in sauces or breaded dough.
Intensifying Fat Burning

Build Muscle and Firming.

Enhance Functioning of Body Organs

Silence your inner critic.

A Simple 4-Core Pillars
Weight Management Programme

Improved Blood Delivery System

Reduces blood fat and unclog arteries.

Strengthen Bone Structure

Build healthy bones preventing osteoporosis.


“After giving birth to my three daughters, my belly becomes loose and saggy. I could never flatten and tighten my loose belly no matter how much I exercise. KetoEssentials has helped me to flatten my belly. It also tones my abdominal by strengthening my abdominal muscles. I can finally see my abs now!”

“I can finally see my abs now!”40 years old

“I have tried many slimming products, but TROIS is the only slimming product that is able to achieve my ideal slimming result easily. I believe in TROIS!”

“I believe in TROIS!”23 years old

Supreme Signature Bojin Detox Slimming

100% executed by hand and carefully tailored to your needs. Unlike others, our Signature ‘Bojin’ is able to efficiently target your deeply rooted health issues and achieve hormone balancing effects.

By unblocking troubled meridian channels, it alleviates various health and beauty problems such as: Unwanted weight gain, water retention, aches, digestion problems, constipation and insomnia.
Bojin removes unwanted weight retention – an effective slimming treatment.

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Twin Energy Jadeite Bojin Treatment

A meticulously crafted treatment with new Supreme Q.X. Bojin techniques, we draw the energy of certified grade A Jadeite to enhance the health and improve the skin complexion. Experience tranquility and see restoration of your urban stressed skin with the dual energy:

Targets the meridian and lymphatic channels –

  • Thermal Jadeite: Stimulate metabolism and detoxification of cells, reduce fatigue, circulation, chronic stress.
  • Cold Jadeite: Reduce puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, laugh line, firming, brightening (whitening),  and restore radiance from within.
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