Body Massage
& Wellness

Body Massage
& Wellness


The only way to achieve a healthy and beautiful body, is to be strong from within. Whether it is weight loss or body wellness, we maintain the internal (physiological) to external (beauty) approach for long lasting results without rebound. Our approach is based on the Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM) and TCM. By managing the 12 meridian channels, which governs the organ functions and “chi”, your health will be in good hands with us.

  1. Innovation: As pioneers of the Bojin, we have grasped the fundamentals and therefore are able to constantly innovate the ways we use Supreme Q.X. Bojin to enhance results. As our core, we constantly revise our techniques which are unique and superior to others.
  2. Professionalism: All our therapists and beauty advisors have undergone rigorous training to be equipped with knowledge and skills from the East and West. Our therapists also have strong grasp of Supreme Q.X. Bojin and TCM to provide customers personalised treatment – this is important as we understand how individuals’ condition can vary every time they visit.
  3. Product: We use only quality professional products. All our oils and creams do not clog pores and are nourishing for the body. We also cater to the most delicate sensitive skin with a line of products that are certified natural and vegan friendly.

Supreme Body Wellness Series

Supreme ‘Bojin’ Treatment


100% executed by hand and carefully tailored to your needs. Unlike others, our Signature ‘Bojin’ is able to efficiently target your deeply rooted health issues and achieve hormone balancing effects.

By unblocking troubled meridian channels, it alleviates various health and beauty problems such as: Unwanted weight gain, water retention, aches, digestion problems, constipation and insomnia.
Bojin removes unwanted weight retention – an effective slimming treatment.

Supreme Hormone Balance Therapy


Regardless of your age, hormonal balance is extremely important as it is directly linked to our menstrual problems, libido, weight. The therapy does not only treat the surface layer of the skin, but penetrates deep into the body to improve its functions and regenerate vitality, thus creating a youthful and beautiful complexion from the inside out – achieving body-shaping, anti-ageing, beauty and well-being.

Supreme Head ‘Bojin’ Treatment


For deep relaxation. Release tension around the head. Targets heavy head, headache, insomnia.

Supreme Stomach Care ‘Bojin’ Treatment


Targets Stomach Meridian. For bloated stomach, indigestion or poor digestive system. Aids with improving skin complexion especially those with pimples due to poor digestive system.

Supreme Jade Thermal Therapy


Using real jade crystal to heal the body. Flush out toxins, restore optimum blood flow. Thermal effects combined with the energy of the jade removes energy block in the body and promote ‘Chi’ regulation.   Reduce water retention, puffiness, tightening skin and improve elasticity. Tones muscles while detoxifying through the 12 Meridian Channels. Jade thermal therapy achieves effective slimming results.

Supreme Special Care

Supreme Womb Care Therapy  

(Signature, Award Winning)

By activating the meridian energy points protects and prevents premature aging of ovaries. It helps to strengthen the abdominal muscle wall and the uterus.

Supreme Meridian Harmony – Prenatal Therapy

Uses certified natural, paraben free, nickel free oil. Relieves stress, tightness and water retention due to pregnancy. Helps to relax muscles which are important for ease in delivery. *After fifth month of pregnancy

Supreme Meridian Harmony – Post Natal Therapy

Relieves back pain and muscle tension. Aids body recovery: improve blood circulation, oxygen supply and eliminates toxins.

Supreme ‘Bojin’ Bust Treatment

Targets the meridian channel responsible for drainage. Improve elasticity for firmer bust. Improve blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients supply to the bust. Intense detoxification and drainage. Reduce soreness above the bust.

Supreme x Atache Bust Treatment

A revolutionary volume-effect treatment for the bust, offering a real alternative to surgery, giving the possibility of increasing breast size. Improves bust firmness, skin elasticity and shape.

Supreme Signature Bust Treatment

Firms up the decollete area and lifts the bust creating a perky look. Improves skin elasticity and shape. Brings nutrients, oxygen while detoxifying.

Supreme Ear Detox Candle Treatment

Draws ear wax and debris out, relieve of pressure in head and sinuses.

Supreme Slimming Luxe Series

Water Retention / General Fat

Hydra Detox

A unique active body treatment to kick start the
body’s detoxification processes. The blend of 99% micronised herb powder and sea salt improves drainage of toxins, liquid and fats. Metabolism is reactivated.

Strong Localised Fat

Hydra Slim

This treatment provides a quick response against localised fats. Green tea and caffeine promote lipolytic and thermogenic action deep within the skin, effectively improving the metabolic of fats. A blend of olive oil, jojoba and avocado oil, leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Intensive Resistant Fat

Say goodbye to stubborn cellulite in this comprehensive treatment. Using a powerful combination of 99% micronised plant herb powder, 10 essential oils and thermogenic mud, to provide an energetic fat burning action. Oedema is also visibly reduced. A truly effective remedy with long- lasting results. Suitable for those who are already undergoing bSoul general fat/water retention.

Supreme Luxe TCM Absolute Slim (Signature)

Combining ancient Chinese medicine healing philosophy with innovative Italian massage methods, this treatment balances the body’s yin-yang and meridian deficiencies to improve weight loss results. Painless and leaves no unsightly bruises. Leave your body drained, slimmed and toned.

Stretch Marks

Renew Tone

This treatment exclusively for reducing the appearance of stretch marks focuses on reactivating and repairing damaged dermis. Each line of stretch mark will be exquisitely worked on to ensure maximum improvement. Analysis of stretch mark is included.

Toning / Moisturise

GOMMING Tone Up Treatment

A re-contouring treatment with toning results. Phytosomial plant extracts are used to restore tone and elasticity of the derma layer of the skin. Physiological body shape is visibly restored in a fast and safe treatment. For localised areas.

Hydra Wellness

Incorporates healing touch with Shea butter, rice bran oil, olive oil and aloe to promote regeneration of dehydrated skin. Vitamin E and fatty acids fights inflammation and premature ageing and their strong antioxidant action.

Supreme Body Slimming Series

Supreme Body Contour Therapy

Shaping, toning while soothing the 12 meridian channels. Deep detoxification and drainage that causes unwanted weight retention.

Tripolar RF Slimming Treatment

Cellulite reduction using 3 application in 1 system. For skin tightening, fat reduction.

Cavitation Slimming Treatment

Cutting edge technology to break down fat cells which is drained with the body’s own natural filtration system. Reduce cellulite and skin.

Vacuum Pressure Suction

Flush out toxins and waste through lymphatic drainage.


Breaks down cellulite, fat burning.


Modify body curves, contour and shape muscle.

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