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The Secret to Flawless & Anti-ageing Skin even your Dermatologist doesn’t know

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It’s always so fascinating to see Korean actresses and actors have such flawless and beautiful skin. Even in their 40s and 50s, they look almost the same, if not, even more attractive than before. Searching high and low for the treatment, while aesthetic clinics offer a wide variety of possibilities they are however, often too expensive or that the treatment involves going under the knife or injections. Through research and development, we found the secret ingredient and the way to flawless, beautiful, good skin.

The key to retaining your skin’s appearance is collagen, the key protein that your skin is made up of. However, collagen cannot be directly absorbed by the skin due to its large molecule size. There is still a non-invasive method to replenish the loss of collagen due to slower biological process and the environmental stresses — introducing Oligopeptide.

supreme qx oligopeptide

What is Oligopeptide?

It is a peptide that has repairing abilities. 

Where can I find Oligopeptide? 

With advanced biotechnology, the award wining skincare, ICE’S SECRET was able to extract these peptide from plants to innovate what the masses now know as the Supreme Oligopeptide Professional Treatment.

ice secret bio infiltration oligopeptide pro

Who is it for?

Everyone who wish to improve their current skin texture or freeze their skin age.

What are the main benefits?

With its repairing abilities, your skin cells are stronger and stimulated to produce more collagen. This brings about brighter skin, better elasticity (so no sagging), and plumps your skin from within that reduces fine lines. This is the key to your anti-ageing ritual. Freezing your skin’s age starts from as young as 22!

Full list of Benefits from ICE’S SECRET PRO KIT:

Repair Acne Scars
Uneven Skin Tone
Deep Repair & Brightening
Prevent Premature ageing
Plump up wrinkles from within

How long does it last?

For improvement of skin texture, once a week is recommended. For maintenance, just once treatment once a week.

Does it cause breakout? 

No. Oligopeptide is not a foreign element and it does not cause any over ‘stimulation’ or nourishment that would cause any unwanted breakout.


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