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5 ways to prevent weight gain this CNY

By 30 January 2019 No Comments

With all the delicacies presented right in front of us during Chinese New Year house visits, it is incredibly hard for us to not be lead into temptation and overeat. I certainly do not like the feeling of overeating and being glutted with food. How many of you are with me on this?

Here are some ways to prevent weight gain during this festive season while you indulge in all your Chinese New Year delights.

#1 Take it easy

Take it easy and eat in small portions. We often find ourselves reaching for many different dishes and snacks as we are influenced by others around us, and it will be inappropriate to reject their goodwill!

Try using a smaller plate! According to the Delboeuf illusion, when we see a bigger plate, our brain will mislead us into thinking that the portions are smaller when in fact, we are actually eating WAY MORE than what we should. By using smaller plates or bowl, a smaller amount of food might seem like a huge portion to us instead! Most importantly, this will help to pace you while you are eating and prevent overeating, limiting the excess calories that you are taking in.


#2 Savour your food

Taste it! Gorging on your food causes dissatisfaction as your brain does not register that you are eating a lot in such a short amount of time. It will also cause indigestion, whereby your digestive system will lose some of its ability to properly absorb essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This will lower the rate at which your body’s metabolism burns calories, which will result in excess calories and weight gain.

Instead of gobbling up your food at the speed light, take this time to bond with your family and friends over the meal. Eat slowly, pause, and catch up with your relatives and friends that you may not see often.


#3 Beware of sugar

Carbonated drinks, canned tea, and even fruit juices contain a lot of sugar. A can of coca cola contains 39grams of sugar, which is equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar! Try to limit the number of canned drinks you take in a day, including beer. Well, we Singaporeans generally love our cold and sweet drinks but let’s try to keep our waistline in mind this year! After your first drink, try to have water or homemade tea instead. Drinks such as organic green tea can actually help to detox our body, helping with digestion and at the same time, is very good for our skins.


#4 The “70% Diet, 30% Workout” Theory

Without a doubt, working out is the best way to shake off all the excess fats and calories you gained from all the Chinese New Year goodies. However, all of us probably have a series of ‘special’ events lined up for Chinese New Year, which will take over our normal routine.

For those of you determined ladies out there, we know you’ll wake up extra early just to keep your workouts as usual. For those of us who are lazier, let’s try to keep the diet in check!

As the saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen”, our diet is one huge factor that determines our weight and how we look. Although that is the case, there is no need to micromanage your food. Download the fitness pal app to keep your calories and nutrition in check! Use the calorie calculator as a guide and pace your snacks throughout the day. Also, we will still recommend just a short 10 minutes workout before you shower at night or in the morning. There are plenty of 10 minutes workouts for you to choose from on YouTube.


#5 Easy way out

If you are the type that cannot resist steamboats, Chinese New Year snacks and don’t like to work out, here’s another solution for you! A lot of us Keto Essentials, a food drink labeled by FDA, during the festive periods. The drink complements our usual eating habits, which at the same time, allows us to lose up to 2kg in 8 days.

Its ingredients are made of real food that stimulates higher metabolism and improves digestion. Don’t worry, it is not a health supplement, and neither is it a drug nor laxative. What I really love about the drink is that I can eat all the pork belly, chicken and all sorts of seafood while I drink the KetoEssentials for weight loss. Imagine being able to lose weight while feasting during Chinese New Year!

As KetoEssential’s exclusive distributor in Singapore, we provide additional health and full body analysis to keep track of your progress AND, a Money Back Guarantee Program! Join our special deal for the festive season here or book an obligation free body analysis before deciding via our enquiry form here.

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