5 Tips for your Skin in the Summer: Stay Fresh & Look Fab (I)

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Looking dewy and glam can be really hard with the scorching sun in our faces when we travel abroad. Perspiration, humidity or dry spells + a bad mix of diet spell chaos for our skin. Think oily skin, dry skin or even pimple break outs!

While Singapore can be hot and humid, we often still have the luxurious option to hide indoors for the aircon. We probably do not want to waste the opportunity overseas hiding in shopping malls and cafes only. Here are 5 tips to take of your skin and look fabulous and the hot hot summer!

1. Choosing the right Sun block: 

So we all know that sunblock is an essential for the summer right? Even when you want to get that gorgeous tan, a sunblock is important to protect you from the UV rays. Free radicals (created by UV rays) cause ageing skin, pigmentation and is damaging to your skin health. In short:

  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) gives protection against UVB rays.
  • Pick a sunblock with UVA and UVB protection.
  • Pick a sunblock between SPF15 to 30. Anything higher does not substantially increase your protection worth the high price.
  • No perfumes (may cause photosensitivity)
  • Check the ingredient list and avoid oxybenzone, less octocrylene and methoxycinnamtes (cause free radicals when absorbed)

Sunblock SPF: Why not higher like SPF50, 75, 100 etc? 

Sunblocks with such high SPFs do not significantly offer more protection than SPF 30 – it may not be worth that hefty price. i.e. SPF 30 vs SPF50 is only 1.3% difference in protection. Furthermore, some formulation of sunscreen is actually oiler as the SPF goes up – consider whether the place you are visiting is humid or dry. If it is humid, it may be wiser to go for SPF30 and do more reapplication. SPF15: Equivalent of 150min protection and SPF30 is 300min.

2. Hydrate and Hydrate – Avoiding dry/ oily skin can be really easy

Humid weather: Opt for water based hydration serums/ moisturisers to avoid an oily and wet mess.
Dry weather: Pick something that is little more nourishing, a light weight cream. But nothing too heavy. Hydrate your lips too with a good lip balm.


3. Care Routine after exposure to the sun:

After long hours of exposure, it is best that you put on a mask to cool your skin down. The focus here is hydration not to ‘whiten’ your skin (for those concerned with a tan). Sufficient hydration allows your skin to recover quickly.

After your mask, apply soothing or calming serums to calm your skin followed by your night lotion.

4. Oily Skin? Don’t use oil sheets!

Often, oily skin is caused by the lack of hydration, so your skin secretes oil as an attempt to give ‘moisture’. Using oil blotters can actually worsen that as your skin secretes more oil to replenish what you have absorbed away! Instead, use towelettes or tissue to dap the oil away from your skin. This prevents over absorbing those oils. With that in mind, do number 3 and 4 diligently.

5. For dry skin: Watch out for the Seawater

For those who will be spending time by the sea, remember to wash off seawater – it is very dehydrating. Try to wash off as soon as you can. Apply some moisturiser/sunblock and you’re set!

Take care of your skin beautiful! Lastly, we will recommend no/ less makeup in the summer. Go for light coverage (just a concealer for some areas). Use some lipstick to add colour and let your natural blush take the stage. Most importantly, bring your smile around and enjoy your well deserved holiday.

This is just part 1 of our Travel Survival Skincare. Next week, we will touch on skincare for travelling to the cold! Think Australia & New Zealand. We got your travel skin care covered for all weathers.



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