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6 Tips to an Awesome Looking #OOTD for Instagram

By 25 May 2018 No Comments

It can be quite a challenge sometimes to get that perfect OOTD, but we got your back on this! Tried and tested, here are some tips from us which works perfectly for both the tall and petite!

Pretend as if you are walking! This gives an illusion of  ‘candidness’. At the same time, as you ‘walk’ try to lean slightly to a side, so your body does not look awkwardly straight! An alternative would be to stand and cross your legs. This also throws in an additional element to your photo instead of an awkward face front stance. We find crossing the legs best when you are wearing a short skirt, jeans or shorts (unlike Quinn who is wearing a long-short skirt, so she did the Fake Walk).

We love this pose as it emphasises the shoulder and/or back. Turn your body away from the camera and turn your head slightly towards it by looking over your shoulder. We find this pose great to show off long dresses and also your curves, especially if you are wearing a body con dress.
You can even ruffle your hair for the classic goddess pose.


The hand seems to be ALWAYS awkward as we can’t seem to find somewhere to place them. Try touching your arm – its a simple and easy to get a good shot right away! Alternatively, make use of your outfit or accessories on you. You can choose to fiddle with your watch, hat or even touch a part of your outfit. It can help to draw attention to that part of your outfit as well.


Try looking around your environment and see if you can interact with it! Sitting down is also a great way to take your OOTD, especially for petite girls.


While posing is important, its also crucial to choose a good background for your OOTD! Try to pick a place that offers a ‘clean’ look – a simple white wall, greenery, sky/ open spaces. Or go for patterns to make the picture interesting.


Last but not least, always try to use a down-top angle, where the photographer takes the shot from a lower angle: this elongates the model’s legs. For petite girls, don’t hesitate to tip your toes to give yourself that few extra centimetres – it makes a difference in the pictures!

If you found this useful, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below or on any of our platforms.

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