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4 Ways to celebrate Mothers’ Day

By 25 May 2018 May 28th, 2018 No Comments

4 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

She cooks, she cleans, she runs the household… She’s your Supermum! But even superheroes need a day off to rest and relax. Mother’s Day is coming and if you are wondering what to do for Mother’s Day, we have got it sort out for you. From the most economic way to the simplest ideas, all for the most important woman of your life.


If you know your Mum has a favourite dish, why not surprise her by making it? You can learn the recipe from a family member who knows how to make it or google it up. (Depending on what is her favorite dish.) Apart from cooking, plating also plays an important part. If being creative is not your forte, Google and Pinterest should be of help.

Since its Mum’s special day, do remember to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen as well, so that your Mum don’t have to lift a finger at all.

Budget: $  Difficulty: ★★★★


Treat your Mum to a movie or shopping and enjoy a great dinner afterwards. (Book your restaurant in advance!) You can also sign up for a craft workshop together if your Mum happens to love DIY or sign up for a yoga class with her and enjoy an afternoon tea together instead of dinner to avoid the crowd. Whatever plan it is, remember it should be customized for your Mum. Let her know beforehand that you are bringing her to a date, get dress up and if you want to make it even more special – get her flowers. Just keep in mind to pre-book everything before because you don’t want to disappoint her on her special day.

Budget: $$$  Difficulty: ★★★


This one’s for the tireless mum who deserves a break. If going overseas for Mother Day’s is not an option, treat your Mum to a stay-cation right in Singapore. Let her wake up to a great breakfast and fresh flowers – treat her like a Queen and it’ll sure be a memorable day.

Budget: $$$$  Difficulty: ★★


For a more affordable option, why not bring her to a relaxing day spa?  What better way to give Mum the quiet me-time she deserves than a trip to the best Art Lifestyle spa in Singapore? Think of a full-body massage and a rejuvenating facial.

We feature nature-themed rooms along with soothing music, a scenic view of Orchard Road for both of you to have tea after treatment and most importantly, all of these accompanied with our top-notched therapists.

Let us know its for Mothers’ Day and we will have a special surprise in store for your supermom!

Budget: $$  Difficulty: ★



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