International Women’s Day

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Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day.

As a woman, we play many roles: a mother, a daughter, a wife or a sister. But it is important that while we play these roles and take care of others, we must take care of ourselves too.


Each day we may frown or be troubled from work, but we keep a smile on our face to keep going.

Each day we may be rushing to and fro from work and home to care for our children, but we remain composed to reassure them.

Occasionally we try to find time in our hectic schedules to keep our husbands/boyfriends company.

In the midst of chasing our goals and dreams, and playing our dutiful roles, let us not forget that we need to take a breather and celebrate ourselves – for our bravery and resilience.

For all the women out there, take this day to pamper yourself and have some girl time!

This is our Women’s Day gift to you: A reminder that you deserve to be loved.


Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day.

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