A Miracle for Dark Eye Circles

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Adorable. But… not so much on our eyes.

Dark circles haunt most of us including myself. We often attribute our dark eye circles to late nights and insomnia – but did you know that oversleeping can cause dark eye circles as well? Blood vessels under the skin of the eye dilates, creating a dark shade. Other common causes include excessive exposure to the sun (encourages melanin production), ageing and iron deficiency.

How to conceal those panda eyes?

Firstly, always always remember to apply some moisturiser before applying cosmetics! It helps to prevent dehydration of the skin.

Next, apply foundation. For me, I prefer using the bSoul BB cream. It can work as a nice makeup base or by itself – it corrects to your skin tone. Then use a eye concealer and dab gently. It is important to pick out the right tone – a pinkish tone hides dark circles while a yellow tone (Asian) conceals other blemishes such as a scar or pimple better.

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The best way is still trying to correct them!

Miracle Cure & Quick Fix : Ice’s Secret Radiance Mask

Ice’s Secret Radiance Mask is an award winning product (Singapore Brands 2015/2016 Innovation Brand) that makes use of the latest technology from Japan and natural ingredients. #loveyourskin This miracle face/eye mask instantly brightens and lightens pigmentation. Just give it 20minutes and you will see instant effects with just one use. It has numerous benefits:

To boost its effects? After a thorough cleanse, apply an eye serum gently over the area around your eyes. Apply a thin layer of Ice’s Secret.


I absolutely love that it is a quick and fuss-free mask! Its ‘cream-like’ texture makes it really easy to cleanse. Makes it a must-include routine before a date or an important event! Also, as a person with extremely sensitive skin, this product is perfect: it is made with no harmful additives or preservatives.

You can also apply it on your entire face and leave it on as an overnight mask. Similarly, cleanse thoroughly, apply a face serum then the mask. Wake up to glowing skin to start your beautiful day.

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Purchase our Ice’s Secret Radiance Mask online or at our any of our outlets conveniently located in Singapore.

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